Community of Weirdness: #3

I'm weird. 

I'm also curious, creative, and judgmental. That's why other strange things fascinate me. My husband Richie once said he was going to write a blog about me and my "Community of Weirdness." That was over four years ago. Hasn't happened yet, so I'm just gonna do it here.

This will be a collection of random stuff I find interesting so, hopefully, you will too. Grab a beer, sit down, and enjoy your new family. 

Welcome, Weirdos. 


*Amidst all the sexual misconduct allegations, women across the globe have a new holiday trend… boob reindeer. Girls hang one of their jugs out a pre-cut hole in their sweater with a pastie, googly eyes, and antlers to create Rudolph. Or maybe it's Vixen?

*Either way, guys are supposed to be even more careful about offending females these days, but these chicks have a fully-exposed boob?! Good luck with all that. 

Boob sold separately. (Photo credit:  YourSassyGrandma/Etsy )

Boob sold separately. (Photo credit: YourSassyGrandma/Etsy)

*Speaking of being exposed, a 25-year-old Texan man named Randy Earl Jones, Jr. was arrested for going to town on himself in front of customers at Walmart. I don't know about you, but nothing gets me more excited than overweight women, screaming children, and clearance items scattered throughout the aisles. 

Rollback. And forth. And back. And forth... (Photo credit:  Houston Chronicle )

Rollback. And forth. And back. And forth... (Photo credit: Houston Chronicle)

*Did you see SNL this past weekend? One sketch was Mikey Day playing a creepy guy who was on a date with an American Doll when the store caught on fire. It's even better to watch the second time around. Here's the link, or you can just gaze at this interesting Brad Pitt dollhead.

Hey, Ladies... (Photo credit:  Design Inspiration )

Hey, Ladies... (Photo credit: Design Inspiration)

*Heads make me laugh. Apparently, the same goes for the guy in the car filming this bizarre inflatable. His giggle is infectious.

*I kinda want one of those for Christmas. Either that or a door mat that sums up every possible visitor into two simple questions... 

What do you call a guy with no arms and no legs sitting on the porch? (Photo Credit:  Amazon )

What do you call a guy with no arms and no legs sitting on the porch? (Photo Credit: Amazon)

*I'll leave with a song that will get stuck in your head. It's got cuss words and drag queens so probably NSFW. Enjoy!

Stay weird.

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