How Do I Get This Job?

Dennis Hof has always been a bigger-than-life promoter. From his show "Cathouse" on HBO, to marrying people at the Bunny Ranch, to authoring a book about pimping, the owner of one the most famous brothels never shies away from the spotlight. 

His newest endeavor? Adding a Quality Control department to the business plan. Yep, it's exactly what it sounds like. Hof is going to employ a team of "brothel testers" to try out the product at each of his seven whorehouses in N. America.

Says Hof in a press release,"You get paid a full-time salary to have sex with beautiful girls- and then evaluate their performance." He elaborates,"In the age of online customer-generated product reviews, business owners should be more aware than ever of the feedback from their client base." 

No word on what the pay rate is, but I can already see the line forming now. If you're looking for a career change, wipe off your keyboard and send your resume directly to Dennis: 


Source: Press Release